City Streets

May 29, 2009
By Rina Steinberg SILVER, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Rina Steinberg SILVER, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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I walk day by day
In the city, finally
Hit by the daily rush
Wiping dirt from my eyes
There they just pass by, the people
Not worth their time, a thing of the past

No longer in forward view, but past
It’s like this every day
Hoards of people
Nothing is ever final
Straight forward eyes
Always in a rush

An adrenaline filled rush
What’s past is past
And future is aimed by focused eyes
Finding on the path, the next day
Noticing finally
All those zombie people

They no longer notice the others, these people
Their thoughts just rushed
Only on a road to a destination so final
Wasting time has past
Not enough time in a day
It passes their eyes

Almost glazed over eyes
Eyes of the people
Ignoring the smaller parts of the day
All just too rushed
Time in hours not seconds passing
Moments are final
Close my eyes
No more things as future, present, past
Just take a chance and see the people
Slow down in my mind, no longer a rush
The same routine every day

Now these days, I observe with my own eyes
Finally I can see and not be like these lifeless people
Concentrating on the rush is now far past

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