Solidity Is Not Here

May 29, 2009
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They stand
Bold and upright in their stance
Wandering in their current forms
Stony smiles carved into their teeth
The only individuality that they currently reveal is on the outward skin
Of clustered stone
Oh but how they do look sharp
As they wonder, “When will I leave this putrid form, as I am nothing”
Brimming with enthusiasm for their dreams
Of being something
The rat race is on
To see who will finish first
Or be the last to drift away from this place

The anxiety
Is overwhelming
“What will happen to me,
When I decompose into filth?”
The hour will dawn
When I shall be nothing but sand
Shifting away in the Sahara
For we rust as Lady Liberty
We chip away with nature’s tools
And our beauty shall pare away from our mineral flesh
The uniqueness and shape of us
Will forever cease to exist and dwell
In this world of ours
Beauty shall not exist
When the last remaining grains of I have left

I am comfortable here
There is nothing that I desire
Nor require
For I am me and I am whole
Enjoying my existence
To the greatest extent
They aren’t ungrateful
But naïve and insecure
Blundering in their thoughts
Their desire is not selfish
Nor is it wrong
But to yearn for something that is not there
Is a fate worse than death
That I’ll avoid any day

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