Daddy's Little Girl

May 29, 2009
By Caitlin Walsh BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
Caitlin Walsh BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
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Daddy’s Little Girl

You’ve missed all the moments in my life
You became a shadow at reunions
Always there for a phone call
But never was present for the school event
Your job became a nuisance to my day
But kept you home for nights
Gone for days, and sent your sympathy back home
Planes are your second home now
All these places we’ve moved
Twelve houses, four states, eight schools
To much to be forgiven, but to much to say thank you for
You’ve led me to my greatest friends, but
Have dragged me away from more
Everything and anything I’ve ever known
Has helped me to be who I am today
You have created a path along the shore for I to walk along
For every soccer game, dance recital, or crazy dream I have had
It’s never stopped you to ask
What I am looking for
All those times of disbelief
And the tall tale stories I told
Sneaking around, and lying about boys
Those things don’t matter anymore
Because the time of trust has gone
Disappeared in the darkness of night
I’ve done it to myself
No reason, no shame, it just happened
I say were no longer close
But the more rebelling occurs
It pulls me in closer
Like a dog on a leash
I try to walk, but I’ve become restrained
Those words were spoken
And mean nothing no more
One day ill learn
The story behind my mistakes
Till then
I must remain
Daddy’s Little Girl

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