May 29, 2009
By Anonymous

Bleached hair at the roots
Fading down to a fiery orange
Teased with her black comb
That she carries in her pocket
Pulled up into a sloppy half ponytail
Using a lime green hair time
Fried ends sticking straight up out of it.
Around her hair
Is a hot pink bandana
Tied on top her head
And slightly to the right.
The bottom half of her hair
Hangs down
Touching her shoulders
That are covered
By her blinding cheetah print.
Her window’s peak
Leads me to the thick black eyeliner
That wings out at the sides,
Surrounding her already dark eyes
They seem to sit
On her chubby pink cheeks.
Her pig like nose
Has a diamond stud
On the left side
Right next to the big brown freckle.
Her permanently pursed lips
Covered with bright red lipstick.
A small silver lip ring
On each side
And a labret piercing
In the middle of her chin.
She has that rebellious look.

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