Remember Me

May 28, 2009
By Nick Huang BRONZE, San Jose, California
Nick Huang BRONZE, San Jose, California
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I’m lying on this bed,
Bleeding my life out,
Trying to break a habit,
Of hating you.

Now I’m crawling through,
These dark times with no hope,
And I’m starting to grow faint,
And fading away.

I see a figure in the mist,
The figure of a woman,
And I know from the inside,
That it’s you and I’m reaching for you.

But I can never reach you,
Like my past I remember so much,
I’ve given up on this,
And collapse and hit the floor.

But in the end I know that you’ll remember me,
Because I’ve done so much for you.
I’m just telling you that if you’re going to remember me,
Just leave out all the rest,
And to adore me,
As I start fading away.

When nobody’s listening,
Remember me for what I am,
And not for what I’ve done,
And I’ll feel like I actually belong somewhere…
In your heart forever.

Think of me on Valentine’s Day,
Think of me every day,
Even when the shadow of the day arises,
Think of me when you need hope.

If you let it all die,
I’ll never survive in the land of memories,
And I’ll be gone forever,
Taken by the evil angel of love.

Don’t feel any pain,
I’ll be here to protect you if you remember,
I’ll be here to guide you through the time of dying,
And it’s never too late.

Remember me until the end,
Then you can follow me through this path,
And never be so cold again.

Remember me as I fade away.

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