Past Altering; Future Changing

May 28, 2009
By Lexi Baun BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
Lexi Baun BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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A jolt of regret rushed through his brain,
As Honest Abe began to feel the pain.
On April 15, 1865 Abraham Lincoln woke, oh that fateful morning
Did his advisors even give him a warning?

Current decisions change the future,
Like the shot from the shooter.
Changing American history forever,
But not necessarily for the better.

Back then the union was divided in half;
Half slave, half free,
Was that really what the founding fathers wanted it to be?
Citizens didn’t agree.

Some said the nation should be a whole.
That was Honest Abe’s goal.
To stop slavery from spreading,
The South did not understand where Lincoln was getting.

Protests and disagreements rung out as a moan,
Chilling some citizens’ right down to the bone.
Lincoln strived for peace, but was misunderstood
Not like that would do any good.

Down the street Lincoln was walking
Stopping with citizens talking and talking.
To the theater he would eventually go,
To watch people perform a show.

Who comprehended what was coming,
Over the entrancing tunes performers were humming?
As Abe took his seat,
Guards looked about and around, from head to feet.

And out of nowhere a clap of thunder sounded!
It penetrated Lincoln’s skin, into the skull it pounded.
A jolt of regret rushed through Lincoln’s brain,
As Honest Abe began to feel the pain.

The guards jumped up to find Abe dead,
Not even old, however young instead.
The theater quiet with delight,
Abruptly! Jumped, with fright!

Panic mode, struck like the first shard of lighting!
Woe to the eye, how horrifying!
Lincoln’s body flung athwart the floor,
Blood pooling from head to door.

Where does a nation proceed when no leader is there?
The nation, ingenuously, becomes impaired.
Honest Abe, Honest Abe, where did he go?
Some say down in history, who knows.

How different would peoples’ lives be?
If Honest Abe agreed,
To stay home that fateful morning.
If his advisors gave a warning.

If this fictitious decision changed the future.
Redirecting the shot from the shooter,
Unfortunately changing American history forever.
But evidently, not for the better.

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