Tower of Violence

May 28, 2009
By kerrianne kirlin BRONZE, Morrisville, Pennsylvania
kerrianne kirlin BRONZE, Morrisville, Pennsylvania
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Tower Of Violence
It can start with one word
Or a few words.
IT can start with harmless teasing,
But if IT doesn’t stop; IT



Until IT is a Tower looming over
The victim.
The Tower keeps growing.
The victim in the dark shadows
Of the Tower.
Soon IT falls.
Just falls


Crushing the victim.
All that pain and hurt
Bottled up is released.
They wiggle,


And jiggle .
They have done their job.
Made life miserable for the victim.
They are happy.
People’s pain brings them happiness.
If only someone could have stopped
The Tower when IT was only a hut,
A tiny one story hut, filled with
Harmless teasing.
What would have changed?
Would someone even be brave enough?
The Tower broke the victims life.
Ending it even.
But do they care?
They care about their
Happiness, but not about others.
They destroy people.
Some victims go to the
Extreme to make it stop.

Columbine shootings

Serial killers,

If only we can stop the
Tower from being built.
The world would be a better place.
The Tower has grown into our
Life, we don’t think much
Except “laugh.”
We like it when it isn’t us
In those scary shadows.
Violence has merged
Ever so gently into the
Daily routine of most people.
Just like laying on that



bed at night, its there
And one person all alone can’t
Stop IT.
We better stop IT soon
Or the Tower will be unstoppable.
We will never be able to stop IT.
If only someone could halt construction
On that Tower and knock IT down.
The world would be a better place.

The author's comments:
Originally this was a assignment for school, but i loved it and its symbolistic metaphor message.

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