There is a Lesson to be Learned

May 28, 2009
By VicEveSamAlex GOLD, Medford, New Jersey
VicEveSamAlex GOLD, Medford, New Jersey
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We will not go back to the days of dark.
The Holocaust has surely left its mark.
The stories were scary, yet true.
It was one of the darkest too.

Disorder, mistrust, everywhere,
So scary no one would even dare,
To stand up to the Nazis,
And their terrifying deeds.

The Nazis were evil killers,
No one could hope to have prayers.
They were everywhere like storming nasty mice.
The only difference was that they did not have lice.

Jews, gypsies, blacks, men, women, children, and everyone,
Was hiding from the Nazis or trying to run,
Quiet as a mouse, not a single peep,
Or they would be found and in trouble deep.

Concentration camps were made,
The memories will never fade,
Of all the poor souls who died there,
In that dark, cold, evil, sinister, lair.

There was very little food and still less water,
Parents were trying to help their sons and daughters.
No happiness, no courage, and no hope,
And yet very little of the soap.

People were quickly disappearing from their town,
When they say the dangers all around.
Everyday everyone would pray,
These evil murderers would pay.

In the end, the dead were piled high,
Sadly, it could have reached the sky.
The losses were so terrible.
It was so unbearable.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned,
As far as the Holocaust is concerned.
We are all different on the outside,
Yet we are all the same inside.

We all need love, kindness, and forgiveness.
We all have someone in our hearts we miss.
We all have a good and bad side.
We all have a goal that we strive.

No one should be left out because of their race,
Their gender, their looks, their age, or their faith.
Everyone on earth is a sister and brother,
So, we should not let other people suffer.

The author's comments:
I wrote this right after a holocaust survior came in our school to tell us about his experience. His speech was so emotional that almost everyone cried because they were so moved. I will never forget what he said, "Take my experience, remember it, and tell your children, NEVER AGAIN. We will never again go back. We will never again experience the horror. We will never again sit still while people are getting totured. Never again."

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