May 28, 2009
By ChristopherC BRONZE, Cardington, Ohio
ChristopherC BRONZE, Cardington, Ohio
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Come Monster, take my hand
Unlock my mind, and break these bands
Take me high, your wild ride
I'm coming down, but I want to fly
I'll crash and burn, in due time
But I want this now, light up my sky
Crank like crystal
Smoke filling my lungs
It's taking its toll
But is one more toke so wrong?
A maintenance buzz or an extreme high
I love you Monster, you're now my life
I dance with you, both day and night
I love you Monster, but you're taking my life
But this world is hard, full of so many pressures
One more toke, for good measure
This world is hard, but you're my pleasure
My sanguine mask and my razor sharp tongue
My feet and hands
My heart and my lungs
You've enveloped my soul, and sucked me dry
But I love you Monster
So why have you ruined my life?
I keep coming back and letting you in
I want you gone but you won't give in
A persistent beast
But now my only friend
I love you Monster, so come on in
It's time for the party to start
My friend and I will never part
I love you Monster, so come on in
I love you Monster, but now I'm dead

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after reading the novel "Glass", by Ellen Hopkins. The message the story gives is very powerful, and I think it is one everyone should hear. I wrote this for an assignment in my English class, but would now like to share it with as many people as I can. I hope after reading this, some of you read "Crank", and "Glass", as I have, and heed the warning it implies.

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