Creating my own wings

May 28, 2009
By anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
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How will we ever get out of this labyrinth?
-John Green

SEVAS TRA (Art Saves)

Laying inside an empty mind
Your arms around my waist, but its always the pain that stings
The image remains in the contours of my mind
Crevices that hold the ticking clock of my life
Life without a fully beating heart
My life before you

Red rimmed eyes, puffy and ready to burst
Like rain clouds holding it all in
I never saw the right time to begin again
I hesitated when I let you in
Let you hold me together

The air thickened
As the ground became closer to the naked eye
If only that were the only thing naked and exposed
On the fateful day
When he took everything
When he took my innocence from me

You look at me with those eyes
So concerned and melancholy
But I assure you; no need to worry
The bruises are invisible as far as I can tell

No one likes the sky, until after the rain
Then everything is perfect again

I didn't like the slaps and hits, that Mommy gave to me
Any time I wasn't good enough for something like breathing

My fear still sticks to me like fresh paste
I wish those precious years didn't fall away with so much hate
The scars on my arms have faded
And the tears have already dried
Now I can't imagine a life before this
A time when I was afraid to fly

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