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Have You Ever Wondered?

May 28, 2009
By LittleBritt PLATINUM, Washington, New Jersey
LittleBritt PLATINUM, Washington, New Jersey
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Have you ever rested your eyes behind that brown sepia tint of your favorite pair of sunglasses on a rainy day,
just to get a glimpse of the world in another perspective
because all the days you wake to seem to round the clock without a trace of diversity?

Have you ever failed to discover the subtle traces of love poured into the melodies you so diligently choose to drown reality with
when all that keeps your heart beating is the urning ache for those words to find meaning in your very life,
but you couldn't bear the weight of actually remembering the times that they once did?

Do you ever interrupt the collection of dust between the frets of your old guitar,
sitting silent in that same corner you placed it in after the last time he played you your most cherished melody that ever flowed through you
and you cried full of pity at the fact that your eyes lined with each chord before his gentle fingers ever traced a string
because under that blue eyed smile, you had already secretly internalized the patterns of the sounds he was strumming?

Do you ever take the time to taste the bitterness of your six a.m.coffee and slow the wheel that your mind spins upon,
to admit to yourself that there is more to life that counting calories and tasteless breakfasts?

And when you crank that dial on that same CD player that you have lived with since you moved into your older sisters room because your mother and father finally gave you the privilege of having the adequate space to display your newly purchased “big girl” mementos,
do you slip into an audio time travel to past times,
or do you break the confines of gravity with ways you never imagined your body moving
because you see the future,
assume it's excitements,
and wish to celebrate early just in case the “changeable” let's you down?

Have you ever found the bound between mind and body to join as one and show you who you really are?

...Have you ever wondered?

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