World War You

May 28, 2009
By beatleslover BRONZE, Lakenheath, Other
beatleslover BRONZE, Lakenheath, Other
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The lives you live are more than a lie
They are you’re alibi for doing wrong
You have forgotten what is right
You have brainwashed and stained the minds of others
No matter if they sided with you in the beginning
They aren’t just another you, who do not care about others pain
Who cares less about how many people die under your watch
But what many don’t know is that it is your profession
To kill
You have a hatred that is purer than the slate of those people,
Who have committed no crimes
They have no record
Yet you record all their wrongs
Even when they turn right
You are shameless, yet you carry more shame then you can bear
You are a killer, but the worst kind
For your hands are clean, yet your heart has been drenched
In a cascade of other men’s sins
But you can not tell for your heart no longer carries feelings,
The only thing in there is a door,
That will one day open
And when it does your eyes will follow
Unleashing everything you saw as right
To everything you see being wrong
You should know that the things you do will come back to disturb
And when it does be prepared for hell
For that is what you have put them through
And that is what you get in return
Be prepared to be given back
What you have given

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