The Blue Rose

May 28, 2009
By xsummer_rainx BRONZE, Hermon, Maine
xsummer_rainx BRONZE, Hermon, Maine
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You arrive at my doorstep
Knelt down on one knee
With a blue rose in your hand
You smile at me

You insist on carrying me
Though I see no need
You hand me the rose
and I take it gratefully

We stop at a drive-in
and I sit up tall
You kiss me once gently
and again I feel so small

I glance at the rose
and see it's beauty
I look up to you
and you sweetly caress me

"I remember the day
I first saw you
You were by the roses
They were sparkling so blue

Your eyes were as pretty
as the roses in sight
When I heard you speak
I knew all was right."

"I love you." I mouthed
and you kissed me again
You smiled and said
"This love will never end."

The author's comments:
A little poem I wrote because my friend gave me the topic of a blue rose. So I just had to get out my notebook. Haha. Well, this is just one of my many romantic poems. :)<3

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