Reaching For the Top

May 28, 2009
By Anonymous

A mossy rock arch
Hangs high over a rushing ocean
The arch looks hundreds of years old
Dried out stone is barely clinches on
Not knowing that it has created a tunnel
The salty blue ocean rages through this channel
Miles of ocean
Rushes into this path like a damn
Toward the top of this awkward arch
Is a man, a man hanging in the distance
His athletic legs dangle high above,
The raging sea
This is what he LOVES to do
Climbing imaginable obstacles,
The salty ocean hits the rocks around him
Almost like they are calling his name
He feels the mist spray the bottom of his muscular tanned calf’s
If he were to let go he would surely be a pancake
But he loves the feeling of the wind in his hair
The sweat dripping from his brow
The adrenaline rush
He is determined
That’s all it really takes
With one last push
He reaches the top

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