When I see You

May 28, 2009
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When I see you my rainy days turn to sunshine.
Beautiful visions of you run through my mind.
When I see you I see divine,
thinking about you all the time.

When I see you, I see your warm lips,
I vision that yours touches mine with a sweet kiss.
Your skin so soft like the sand beneath my feet,
Eyes like the ocean, so mysterious and deep.

I question myself what is this I seek;
my attraction to you has me so mentally weak.
No thought comes to my conclusion.
My mind has caused this indescribable allusion.

When I see you, I see happiness;
my thoughts of you have become continuous.
When I see you the clouds part and I see my sunshine,
the one so sweet and so divine.
Everything in motion stops,
when I see you, I see my rock

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