May 28, 2009
By darkatheart14 BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
darkatheart14 BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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Let darkness hold us close,
Admit how little we know.
I wish it was July again,
As fresh as fallen snow.
So i'll close myeyes again,
and wish with all my might,
to see your smiling face again.
Again to hold you tight.
But now it's much to late.
I'll never hold you in my arms,
you've already met your fate.
So i'll cry myself to sleep,
and let my soul fly away.
This hole of mine is deep,
I can't tell night from day.
I'm blinded from the world,
and the world's blind to me,
i wish i could feel what they feel,
happy and free.
but i'm not since you left me here.
you're gone.

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