May 29, 2009
The little girl walks home alone every day,
She is teased, picked on and the hurtful words don’t seem to stop.
She has been confronted and asked who said what.
She sits there, fear and the tears in her eyes,
Mumbling about what happened,
Feeling as if she did something wrong.
She wishes that they never really said anything,
She wants the words of hurt to stop, but with out her telling on anyone.
She doesn’t like to hide where she’s from, and she tries so hard not to,
They don’t understand, they won’t allow their minds to be that open.
One day she finally takes a look in the mirror…

... And I stand tall and proud,
I realize I have no reason to be ashamed.
I’m proud of my family and the fight they lived through,
I am pleased to hear stories and to learn more about the Holocaust.
I don’t hide, and I don’t have my old fear.
I continue to stand tall, and defend the history.
I will never give up,
I have Faith.

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trippiehippi09 said...
Jun. 20, 2009 at 4:47 am
BEVERLY T!!! baby gurl, you got dis down pat gur... congrats on gettin dis published hunni! aww... i love u n miss u
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