May 28, 2009
By becca oronoz BRONZE, HACIENDA HEIGHTS, California
becca oronoz BRONZE, HACIENDA HEIGHTS, California
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their you are sitting
on that wet grass thinking
about tomorrow
wondering if life's worth living
through this pain suffering
counting down the people who care
but only found possibly one
hoping the day would turn around
but impossible
by the way it’s going
no ones around
but dead flowers and weeds
what more can life be
if this is the only thing beating
sunrise setting
today is ending
should life be more than what im thinking
is their really such thing as breath taking
or heart skipping
or life breathing
or love itself
will tom be better
or will this go on forever
as im moving on to sadness
with fire burning me up
with desire
all i want is
to fly higher
you say you want more than this ending
to live and breathe worth living
well then open your eyes
see the bright blue skies
watch the sunrise
live life
don’t hesitate
take a leap and jump
fall into the unknown
experience the laughter
supsitue it for the sadness
create a memory
forget the old
bring the new
bring a smile
leave the pain
bring hope
have faith
don’t give up
just fight stronger
tom will be better
as long as you open your eyes
and see greater.

The author's comments:
This is about someone really close to me who tried to commit suicide. And through almost losing somebody I love, I began writing a poem about hope. That their is more to life than just moments of sadness.

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