A Tortured Beauty

May 28, 2009
By Anonymous

What gives us the beauty that we possess?
Manufactured or natural—
it is still beauty nonetheless.

Multiple factors contribute to our existence:
elements, our surroundings, the luck that we are not chosen to surrender to death.

Upon birth we have no choice but to work with what we are given.
As we grow, we settle in, and the leaves finally take their shape.

You have the height, the flawless color, and majesty about you.
I am small, fragile, and merely mortal.
However, I am more likely to end your life that you are mine; despite your TOWERING affect.

I envy your external simplicity and your internal complexity.

You are surely inanimate, but all too human just the same. Like us, you become less appealing without support and confidence.

If someone abuses you, you become weak and withered. You fall. If you are confined from freedom, you die.

In our worlds, we co-exist [man and element]

But the fact is that I need you and you need me.

I am Jen.

You are Tree.

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