His Beautiful Pet

May 28, 2009
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I walked out to center stage singing my voice was at a perfect pitch. Preping I did three backhand springs, two cart wheels, and one round off. The crowd roared in applause. My eyes scanned the crown. Bernie sat in the front grinning at me. I did one more backhand spring to wow them and flashed a smile to win their hearts. Again the crowd roared with excitement. Bernie joined me on the stage wrapping his arm around my waist. "They love you kid. America loves you". "Yea Bernie". (Yea america loves me, they all do...except for him). I turn to look behind the curtains where he stood. His face full of guilt and pain. Tears ran down my cheeks, mascara and heavy eyeliner followed. The crowd awed and Bernie squeezed me. "Ooooo no folks my beautiful pet is sad". Sucking in air I turned to face the crowd. With a smile I lifted my head high. "You all have been so great. It was and always will be a pleasure. Maybe next time we'll dance and laugh together. Until then...That's All Folks".Blowing a kiss the theatre grew dark as I released more tears.

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