June 14, 2009
By Anonymous

you decietful trickest life,why can't you walk under my gods light. I don't like to cry, I don't like to cheat, I don't like to be sad, I want to smile under gods feet. this isn't right this is wrong, i want to listen or to sing along. I'm not my mother, i'm not my father i dont know i cant keep this up any longer, why are you false, why are you untrue, why can't you smile, and then be through. i am a good person i want to live a good life, i am a person, who walks into the light. i don't want to dissimulate, i want to be true, i am who i am, and now i'm done with you!

The author's comments:
well it's a poem that i wrote when i felt very angry with myself for doing the wrong. but after i was finished i knew i'd learn from my mistakes.

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