June 11, 2009
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yea i did say i love you
but wen i said it.. it was true

see then i was in love w/ you
but now i just got love for you

i thinks its cause i finally met your flaws
and now u just deserve an applause

the time we spent was great and all
but ma benefits were way too small

I'm gonna take the little pride i have now and run
cause the future seems so much more fun

with good memories in mind
and insecurity far behind

I'm going to re-enter the world w/ more confidence dis time
cause I'm going to be the boss- as bitter as a lime

don't go with it?? blow me
think u can do it better?? show me

cause dis time I'm not the minority
this 1 person is the majority

with the thanks to u of course
cause no longer am i your horse

ill outsmart u one day
and u will be forced to replay

all the good u lost with me
then you'll think that we could be

den i Will have to say:
i did say i love you
but wen i said it...it was true

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