June 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Why did this end the way it did?
Why did I end it?
I guess I though I didn’t love you…
Wow. How Stupid.

There goes my heart, broken in 2.
Oh, how I wanna cry.

I see your face, everyday in the hall,
but not hearing your voice
speaking directly to me,
I never thought I could miss it so much.

There goes my heart, broken in 3.
Oh, how I wanna weep.

I tell myself it’s better this way,
that it wasn’t meant to be.
My mind tells me that you never really loved me,
but with all the lies my mind feeds me,
my heart always argues back.

There goes my heart, broken in 4, jagged pieces.
Oh, how I’m angry,
how I want to yell and scream.

And do guys always forget?!
you told me not to forget and I didn’t!
but you did….
That’s too bad, I was really looking forward to it.

There goes my heart, heavier than ever.
Oh, how I just wanna forget about you.

Ouch! It hurts so much just to think about you.
but I really want to be friends again.
Maybe…. more than friends?
I miss you…

There goes my heart…again…but definitely not for the last time…
I don’t know how much more the million pieces of my heart can take.
but until they start to heal,
the tiny pieces of my heart will continue to love you.
You can count on that.

The author's comments:
It's a poem i wrote about this guy i broke up with and i regret it.

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