The 3 Poems

June 4, 2009
By Anson Vadukumcherry BRONZE, Glenview, Illinois
Anson Vadukumcherry BRONZE, Glenview, Illinois
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I do not understand

Why there is deaths occurring across the world

Why is there global warming

Why is there people suffering in Darfur

But most of all I do not understand

Why we are not doing much

Because we are caught up in our minds

What I understand most

Is that we can make a difference

Because that is why all the countries are strong

When united together.

Life is a mysterious path

Life is all about confidence

Life is about will power

Life is taking leadership

Life is happiness

Life is hope

Life is sadness

Life could be discouraging

Life has a purpose

Life has identity

Life has a past

Life has a present

Life has a Future

Life is nightmares

Life is dreams

Life is a wonder

Life is curiosity

Life is a wish

Life is a chance

life is an opportunity

Life is living a life

William Shakespeare

Yo, my name is Anson, thas right

Guess who’s my friend, Shakespeare, thas right

I’m so fly; I make you look so low, but hey look at him

He’s cooler than me and cooler than all of yawl; cool like the chill in

the snow

He got so much skill; he got crazy plays, thas right

Look at him and follow

He had a father that had so many jobs

His name was John Shakespeare, thas right

He got a mother to, her name was Mary Arden, thas right, don’t


So all of you, look at him, he may be bald, but man he got brains

So look at him and follow

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