Reflections of Herself

June 5, 2009
By LadyMira SILVER, Norris City, Illinois
LadyMira SILVER, Norris City, Illinois
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Cold Grey eyes catch her stare,
How lifeless they now seem.
They once dazzled so bright,
When each day was a dream.

The glitter and eyeliner,
Make up her mask.
Her childhood's faded,
Put her up to the task.

Her hair is straightened, dark,
Tinged with pink and red dye.
Once long curly blonde,
Before she decided to lie.

Bracelets cover scars,
That will never fade.
Skin once kept tan,
In the tomboy tirade.

Her sad eyes linger on,
Tracing her curvy form.
It once was so different,
When sports were the norm.

A ring on her finger,
Is worn half in vain.
A ringpop took its place,
Before life was just pain.

The name on her hand,
Is of one she loves most.
That name was not known,
Before she could boast.

She's lost now in thought,
For remembering does.
Bring back the little girl,
She once so happily was.

Closing her eyes,
Forgetting her sin,
For a moment stares back,
The girl she was then.

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