Lost In Limbo

June 5, 2009
By eternal_vows GOLD, San Jose, California
eternal_vows GOLD, San Jose, California
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To say you knew all along would be a lie,
But maybe, just maybe, you've known.
You were hiding in shadows, but now you're ready to fly.
And you turn your back on dreams when you realize you're all alone
As you fall alongside the glass pieces that shower from the sky.

Escape from the darkness, into rhyme and reason.
Pause to catch your breath, pause to wonder why.
You don't know what day, what month, what season.
You can't recall the magic, why you even bother to try.
No time to stop and think, act on instinct, and plunge in.

Look at the tacky posters; try to find some inspiration.
Don't know anything ’cept memory's a funny thing.
It's gone—can't move. Without it, you can't function.
Push up with all your strength; spread your wings.
Open your eyes, blur the boundaries, elevate the tension.

You tread the fine line between reality and fantasy,
But as it blurs, you know you have to choose one or the other.
Two questions, two doors, and two choices—you hold the key.
Wrong answer! You're high like a kite, light as a feather.
No money, but you're not entering the gates till you pay the fee.

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