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June 5, 2009
By George Singleton GOLD, Cecil, Alabama
George Singleton GOLD, Cecil, Alabama
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I wish that our pain can be gone and our tears can be dried like the sand in the Sahara while the sun is watching it from the sky.
I wish that peace can become clear in our reality rather than disguised like chameleons trapped in their reality.
I wish that people different from each other can get along with one another like bacteria and penicillin.
I wish that families can be fed rather than left for dead like Rwandans in 94, enough said…
I wish that war cannot be an option, so that youth can actually choose to go to college.
I wish that children with no families can seek refuge with a guarantee of no sufferings.
I wish that money held no value so that everyone would have an opportunity for power and recognition.
I wish that fathers could come forth and stand up for their responsibilities rather leave mothers on their own empty-handedly.
I wish that rap and hip hop could show and tell more positivity rather than negativity and words that are used explicitly.
I wish that the youth would have the urge to gain more knowledge rather than kickin’ it in the streets having the mind set of dropping out of college.
I wish that hatred can be love and that pain can be forgiveness
God as my witness, we shall all live pain free.

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