My Hero's

June 5, 2009
By Anonymous

The person I look up to
Is not you and is not me
This person I believe in
Is not you or me

A figure, man nor woman
Stands proud and tall
Hiding their deepest sorrow
Radiating light and love

They do not falter and do not frown
Their hands are always helping
Their hearts are broken but whole
They are angels in disguise

With smiles that aren’t afraid to show
And tears that aren’t afraid to flow
Even in the midst of hell
They know there will be a beautiful end

They know what they must do
No time to waste - this world is falling quickly
The people so lost and alone
They are willing to withstand all for them

Who are they?
They are my hero’s.
People who live in this hell
Yet help others to see the silver lining

They don't fear the unique
They don't over look the needle in the haystack
They give hope to the hopeless
And give light to this everlasting darkness

I cannot hope to be that strong
To love so much with nothing in return
And yet I have great hope
That one day I will be one of my hero's

And when I awake from this dream
I will be the person
Who has pain and yet is not afraid.
Who lets nothing stand in my way.

Until then all I can do,
Is watch these beautiful people.
Healing these cracks and bruieses
Giving their lives for the people that don't care.

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