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June 5, 2009
By mezmerising_asma BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
mezmerising_asma BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I from beauty of Pakistan, to the streets of Frederick Avenue,
From the love of my parents Rukhsana, and Shafqat.
I am from dead end street, to noisy neighbors in the summer,
From the same plain white houses in the street, and huge scary trees.
I am from colonial house, to red rose bushes in the front lawn,
From big back yards, and a set of green chairs.
I am from white tiles in the kitchen, and the brown wooden counter,
From my mom’s beef sandwiches, to delicious chocolate cakes.
I am from the lovely Valentine’s Day, and the horrifying Halloween treats,
From the bedtime story of Cinderella, to my grandma’s old picture in the living room.

I am from little Blues Clues on nickelodeons, and the loss of my uncle,
From the first grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson, and the small colorful classrooms.
I am from clean room, and plain white walls,
From my most favorite tweedy bird pajamas, to college of medicine in the next five years.
I am from the ugly brown high neck sweater, to most watched show Rugrats,
From the chunky chocolate chip cookies, and yellow butterfly blanket.
I am from tiny paws of my cat Kai, and the bad tastes of medicine,
From the summer pools, and the hot coco in the winters.

I am from sad rainy days, to collecting lighting bugs on summer evenings,
From the swallowing penny, and long boring homeworks.
I am from brown brick porches, and the messy garage,
From the milk in the refrigerator, to the scary movie Grudge.
I am from Cat in the Hat and the fights with my best friends,
From the family dinners at Red Robbins, and my most worn baby blue dress.
I am from an old picture album.

Excellent and appalling moments,
All are kept in one old file.
Lost somewhere in the attic,
Hoping to be found again,
To remind the moments.

The author's comments:
I hope the reader can understand what I am trying to tell, and what I went through in my life uptil now. This poem can describe my life, and the best and the worst moments of my life.

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