June 5, 2009
By ajdebt BRONZE, Cottonwood, Arizona
ajdebt BRONZE, Cottonwood, Arizona
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as we gather in the hallowed hall of this fine building i think i speek for all, when i say we are in a binding, we do not sing or laugh or prance and much to sickly to do a dance. some in here are from the war some are just much to sore. i am here for other reasons reasons that would make your mother scream or make your bathtub spring a leek. i am here because of my thoughts my actions were much to bazare. people point and stare at me but i dont see it or do i care. my cell mate is an old which with an un commenly lummpy nose. no one here can match my scream or cakel the way i can. some say crazy i say fun and look at the world from the outside in. i would prefure to be locked away in a tower somewhare when i laugh at my self it wont count against me. im sorry to say i will be here for a while but thats fine with me,because as we gather in the hallowed hall i think i speek for all, when i say we are in a binding,im much to sickly to do a dance. it has been said i have a bad temper and have white streeks in my black hair and in this place i now call home i can hardly speek the name.. the gards and nurses call it the assylum and this is whare it ends.

The author's comments:
this was just a poem that came to me umm after seeing the perspective of those who were sent to an assylum... this was the second time i wrote this so it wasnt as good because it isnt the origanal but im an artist so i see all perspectives and this was just one of the many. i do relate to the mane charictor because people do sometimes look at me differently because i have opinions and im not the same as some of the other people in my school or youth group and just anyone because im not scared of making a statement and always in the mood for a chalange

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