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June 4, 2009
By PoetryBeastTodd52 BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
PoetryBeastTodd52 BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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My words are colors giving your imagination the substance that it needs,

Stretching the barriers of your mind into a tantalizing array of nebulas and super novas

May God bless me to speak incantations unto your third eye shedding the false security within

Surrounding your soul with truth and knowledge

The words spoken to me from my soul has healed my wounds

Let my nouns,pronouns, and verbs become healing waters soothing the pain

Washing away the lies and smudges on yor heart

I speak pockets of life, forgivness,and light upon the dead in spirit

With these words I change the view of these so called scholars

These words that flow from my mouth strokes my rage and takes away the flesh man

As I pick the feathers from my mouth and watch my words soar

I smile knowing that I have created musicals for the memory and forethoughts for their minds

My words have engrossed them in a cacoon, a metamorphsis of aristocrats, freethinkers, and philosophers

My words entrenched deep beneath the grains of depression, anger, and sadness

Only to be dug up in the time of remembrance

That's when a tear shall drop, a tear of the sunrise

That is when my words recycle...his words, my words,my words,their words,

Their words...The fruit of life

The author's comments:
First time i've submitted just trying to get better. please comment and criticise

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