love hurts

June 4, 2009
If you love me like you said you do then prove me me that's your love is true it's really killing me inside that every time i look at the sky i began to cry that how bad your hurting me inside cause your love is really hurting me you said we will be together forever but you not proving me that we will last forever they always say love is a four letter word but the four letter word really hurts and sometimes the love you got for a person it could be blind at the moment but no matter what we go through we will be togethere for ever.

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Torrzilla said...
Jun. 20, 2009 at 1:16 am
This is really good :) I write like this too so I know how you feel. I would space it out more and not have it all in one block but thats just me. Good work â—˜__________â—˜
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