Coffin Nails Litter City Streets

June 4, 2009
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The coffin nails line the floor
Pulmoni, believe you’ll last
But air escapes the fastest
And we can’t touch the shore.

So why do we swim?
Amidst our screams,
A silhouette smiles,
His pleasure is to redeem.

A hold to hard to break,
One mistake, and you cannot,
Take it back. Chasing Pulmoni,
Without him, everything is,

Nothing. Travel down to waters-edge,
To catch him, but only to see he’s already
Left. Crossing alone over the Styx.
His token has been cashed, to late.

It’s no use to try to swim,
The scene looks quite grim.
Each package, soon empty,
Like pockets made bare.

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