Best Friends

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

We were considered by others Best Friends
“unbreakable” is what our friendship was said to be
I knew it was to good to be true
I expected it would last but not so abruptly

I trusted you with everything
We had our fun
We played our games
It was unbelievable
A dream come true

It all started last school year
But one of my friends let a secret slip
The Truth
I was not aware until you told me
When I found out I was sure it was over

We stuck together though
Still had our fun
Played our games
The future lay neatly
So clearly

Then this year came
I could tell it was going to be a bad year
As soon as we made eye contact
On that rememerable first week of school
Yet again we pulled through, became friends yet again

Then abruptly about two months ago
Something happened I will never forget
We stopped talking permanently
Why? I am unsure
Probably never will know

Every time you walk by
I wonder to myself “ why “
I had hoped our friendship would last
Now my hopes are black as glass

I know we will never be the same
Every time I think of you and I
I want to cry
It was so enjoyable
Now it is doubtful

But one thing I know for sure is
I will never forget the good old days
When it was peacefully you and me
I should have known it was to true to
Last forever but I had hope

When you walk by
I want to cry
But I know it will not bother you
Because of that one day and one secret
It makes me angry but even more disappointed

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