Prisms of My Soul

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

A simple word so simply spelled,
So many meanings so easily held.

In a loved ones arms in an open field,
A tender kiss shared, secrets sealed.

Devotion between a dog and his master,
Bringing both parties joy and laughter.

Memories shared between sister and brother,
A bond like this, there is no other.

Connection shared between uncle and niece,
Feelings like this never cease.

A bee to his flowers, a bear to his honey,
Rewards such as this never cost money.

A jock and his sports, an artist to her paints,
Passion like these never taints.

How do you know what it truly means?
When the feeling itself is never physically seen.

It’s felt in a person’s every bone,
An experience never to be shared alone.

Everyone we ever meet gives the door a knock,
Each one important has a key to a single lock.

A piece of ourselves never truly found,
Until that special someone cames around.

It doesn’t have to be only between a woman and man,
It could be a best friend simply willing to hold your hand.

Willing to hold you as you cry,
Giving you the wings to fly.

It can never really be truly defined,
Never determined by the individual mind.

Only those willing to climb the wall,
Will never truly let you fall.

They will forever hold you close,
Through each one of your highs and lows.

It holds an enormous and infinite power,
Enough to scale the highest tower.

With it virtually anything is possible,
The strength it gives you making one unstoppable.

A small word so easy to say,
Shown in so many different ways.

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on Oct. 19 2009 at 12:56 pm
Writers_Are_Awesome GOLD, Yuma, Arizona
15 articles 0 photos 8 comments
That was really good, I love this poem! It would be an honor if you came to my works and commented. I'll be watching some of your work now!

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