The way we feel

June 4, 2009
By *A^C^W* BRONZE, Brevard, North Carolina
*A^C^W* BRONZE, Brevard, North Carolina
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She is weak and weary and cant hold on.
She slips loose from she's all gone.
She stays of stars and pain inside that nobody sees because thier blind.
The beautiful girl cant live but wont die, the pain hurts so bad all she wants to do is cry.
Her love is strong but hope is fading and everyone around her is acting shady.
Her soul is lost, her heart is broken but she doesnt know she's a precious token.
She walks around tired and sick.
She thinks good is playing a trick.
Stand tall says a friend but she looks at her in disgust.
And then apoligizes because they've been through the same.
Her friend lives in the same game.
They look at each other and cry because they dont understand.
They do so little sin.
God punishes people for doing wrong, why god?
Why us?
Why are we being punished?
The fire in their hearts burn thier chest.
They move through another day not knowing wat may become of them.
Thier life of sorrow must be mute to inside they die.
No one to hear, no one to know how they sigh of pain and no hope.
Fierce tears at night and thoughts of why!

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