Phantom of Her Former Self

June 4, 2009
She begs. She Sobs. She Pleads.
She’s groveling down on her knees
He sits there, and watches here bleed

Their love, so mangled and torn
Her friends tried to warn
But now she cries as her sobs escape and she mourns

He apologizes in a monotone but it does no good
He’s already gone as we all knew he would
She tries to overlook the pain that withstood

Her tears cut like knives
When she’s sure he’s taken the love she thrives
It’s the end of her world but the beginning of her life

He should be deemed a monster, killing her like he did
Treating her like a naive little kid
But the hurt he inflicted can not be hid

What did she do to deserve this wound?
The answers that are lost would do no good found
He laughs an antagonistic cackle as he pushes her to the ground

Did she really believe this would have a happy finish?
Now she sits and looks out the window in anguish
Because he failed her heart’s dearest wish

She logs off when she’s tired of waiting for the instant message that won’t come

She cries herself to sleep when she’s sick of hoping on the love that won’t become
She dries her tears when she realizes she’s tired of being a phantom

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morgie7<3 said...
Jul. 1, 2009 at 5:25 pm
this is great! i loovvve it! its so sad though, but its a good message! really good! great job...a definite five stars!
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