In the end

June 4, 2009
By Nosduj14 BRONZE, Eatonville, Washington
Nosduj14 BRONZE, Eatonville, Washington
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Everytime I see you, My heart flutters
Everytime I talk to you, My speech stutters
Everytime i hear your voice, I listen intensley
Even though you don't see it, I love you immensely

I've loved you forever
and forever will
Our connection cannot sever
Love will be there still

I cannot help
This burning feeling
A silenced yelp
Like a sunburn peeling

Trying to move on
It would never fly
You being gone?
I think I would die

Are you flirting
Or just being a friend
Not knowing is truly hurting
When will this pain end?

Are you being wise
With this girly disguise
This isn't the real you
It's easy to see through

When they're around, you act so different
But when we're alone, you are magnificent
Who do you like, me or him?
How can such feelings change on a whim

When I'm with you
I feel like I'm dreaming
Do you feel this too?
Or are you just scheming

When we're alone
You are so nice
But you don't talk to me when they're around
Is it such a sacrifice

Is it embarassing
talking to a nerd
Sometimes I just wish
I could become a bird

I would fly away
and not have to deal with it
But as seeing you every day
Life isn't that legit

But I'm not a bird
I can't run or fly
I have to stay in the herd
Just like every other guy

Last time I told you
How I felt
A bad hand of cards
I got dealt

We quit speaking
Which is what most hurt
Because of "I love you"
I sadly had to blurt

We barely talk
my true feelings
have been locked behind a door

Everytime I try
to talk with you
You cut me off
Each day through

"I gotta go"
Is what you claim
If you ask me
That excuse is getting lame

I wish I could go back
Before this was started
To when we were friends
Before we got parted

But I'm not god
and that's impossible
So please give me a nod
and we can get past this obstacle

Once again
We could be friends
That's all I ask
In the end

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