Snake Looks Still

June 4, 2009
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It doesn’t take long
For just one song commuting
To touch the hearts of many.
It doesn’t take long
For just one bomb
To end the hearts of many.
And Heaven is near
Though hell is more clear
For the path of many these days.
But I guess in some way
I hold onto some faith
That good people stay good.
And heaven is near
Though hell is as clear
As the song of the little birds might.
She stays out of sight
For the fear and the fright
Of the mean men who carry the guns.
Yes, hell has begun
Under the cruel desert sun
For many whose lives
Have just begun.
Begin just to end
Go back where they came
While their gods look down upon them in shame.
Yes, heaven is gone.
The devil has won.
Though some may live through the pain.
Though they may live
They will live in vain
For what cause to live
With the devil in reign.
I want to speak out
To end all this horror
But I lock my pain away
In a black and white drawer.
No color, no gray.
Maybe someday
Ill set my music box free
To tell of these thoughts
That are inside of me.
And with such clarity
My voice will ring free,
Over the cruel desert sun
Of a waterless sea.

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