June 4, 2009
By goodgollie45 BRONZE, Argyle, New York
goodgollie45 BRONZE, Argyle, New York
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Favorite Quote:

Holding hope and holding dreams

Restitching lives along the seams

Told to stars, to friends you make

Or told to candles on a cake

Written down on New Year’s Eve
Made for returns when loved ones leave
By the child who wants a toy
By the girl for her own boy
Millions falling at your feet
Someone lost you’d love to greet
A peaceful day without a war
And some for those who just want more
I float through windows and walk through doors
I fly sky high and crawl ‘cross floors
You jump for joy and cry sweet tears
When I come to end your fears
I solve all problems and ease all days
I help you through in gracious ways
I can break through walls and bring you home
From whatever place you roam
I’ll save your life when you don’t know
I’ll take you where you need to go
I’ll give you anything that’s true
If I only come to you

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