my life

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I am from Dr. Seus books and legos
From big backyards and macaroni and cheese
I am from watching Tv and playing video games
From big kitchens and big living rooms
I am from Ed, Edd, and Eddy and nitro circus
From ice age and crank
I am from yankees pajamas and blue bedrooms
From west highland terriers and roast beef
I am christmas and candles
From hash browns and salad

I am from cheese and short shorts
From orange juice and small closets
I am from dirty dog's and big windows
From in ground pools and sheds
I am from yard work and swing sets
From decks and swimming
I am from trailers and umbrellas
From hot summers and cold winters

I am from hot afternoons and cold nights
From pool parties and piles of dirt
I am from tall trees and broken fences
From comfy couches and big TV's
I am from finished basements and rocks
From annoying neighbors
Bothering me

My memories and ideas
Stand within the protection of my family and friends
These memories of the past sit there
With happiness and sadness
Waiting to be lived with again

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