The Beginning

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I am from Nana and Pop// From above-ground pools and ping-pong tables in the backyard// I am Legos, which can build anything// From an old blue house with a new chimney// I am from Rugrats to NCIS// From Toy Story to The Great Escape// I am from Weird Al and the Beatles// From my room, where I spend most of my time;// Its walls covered with posters and a dart board// And video games within it

I am from my father’s pasta// With his own delicious, spicy sauce// I am from Christmas, a quiet day with only immediate family// From summers at the beach// I am from Green Eggs and Ham, with Sam’s insistence// From the old kitchen with brand new tiles and an ancient fridge// I am from autumns at Lake George,// Canoeing in the lake and visiting all of the forts

I am from South Plainfield, a small, crowded town in New Jersey// From my coach’s gift of his own basketball hoop// I am from Spiderman Pajamas// From the made-up games and the trouble that follows// I am from my mom, a cashier// From my father, a senior software engineer// Both of whom raised me from birth

All of my childhood and its drama:// The games, arguments, and troubles// All of these things, my precious memories// Represented by that huge maple tree// Without which I wouldn’t be the same//

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