I am from...

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I am from tropical storms and hot days// From cool summer breezes and hot beaches// I am from small apartments and weird neighbors// From fun days and great school plays// I am from a big family and large cook outs// From long vacations and days at the beach
i am from bruises and sun burns// From relatives who have gone away that i wish to see again//
I am from crazy grandparents and strict parent// From big holiday parties and olive garden birthdays// i am from video games and outside games// from horror movies and spooky nightmares// i am from mean cousins and protective aunts// from funny uncles and dumb jokes// i am from a island where my memories live//
i am from mean glares and nasty stares// from break ups and make ups// i am from childhood loves and days at home// from grape medicine and nasty pills// i am from high fevers and chills// from fun days long gone//
all my memories put away// waiting to come again to bring back beautiful times//

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