I Am From

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I am From Steve and albert
I am from David and Jacqueline
From a loving and caring family
I am from a whit house toa green cape cod
I am from quite neighbors
From big back tards and blues pools
From crazy holidays and unseens relatives
I am from Fall birthdays and Falling leaves
From two crazy dogs
Who will never leave your side

I am from good firends and horrible enemies
From Mike C to Mike G
From funny memories and crazy friends
From classic music to rock
I am from fantastic vacations and long summers
I am from Nightmare Before Christmas toi Office Space
From blue's Cluses to The Simpsons
Shows that will live in my head forever

From Edison Family restaurant to Paulo's
I am from merssy rooms and days of cleaning
I am from an empty fridge and long nights
From Florence to South 10th Street
I am from Stephen to Steveaguay
I am from a Game Boy to an Iphone
From the neon Shark
That will lkive forever

Waiting for Swamp monster Mike
To lurk out of the lake once again
To endless good times
Memories give a reason to live life

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