For Whom I Cry

June 4, 2009
By Andrew Klenk BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Andrew Klenk BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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For whom do I cry?
I cry for the lost ones, the forgotten ones
The ones lost, and left behind
Cut down before their time, I cry

I cry for time lost
For memories faded, for lives forgotten
Time wasted away, regretfully discarded
Time flowing ever on and on, I cry

I cry within myself
And without
My heart aches with loss
Never ceasing sadness, I cry

I cry for them
Because no one else will
Forgotten by all
Wasting away, discarded in cold streets
And never-ending roads
The empty spaces between
The lack of remembrance, I cry for

I cry for all eternity
I cry for everything lost
And everything forgotten
Time unforgiving, moves on
And for that I cry.

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