June 4, 2009
By LMAOBROFLOL BRONZE, Snellville, Georgia
LMAOBROFLOL BRONZE, Snellville, Georgia
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Walking across the barren, unfertile ground,
Nothing to see for miles,
Poisonous, black water resides in the lake.

Withered plants stand still,
While others float in the wind,
Fragile when touched.

In the sky, a large orange sphere dominates the sight,
Providing the light and warmth for the planet,
Looking down on a dead surface.

My pace quickens as I hear an echo,
A voice I have not heard,
For so long.

I see a lone figure,
On a hilltop,
Directly in front of me.

When I get closer, I notice that there are two,
Not one,
On the hilltop.

I run faster,
When I notice a glint near one neck,
And one with an evil shroud.

I distinguish their faces,
One the one I love,
The one who is with me forever.

And the other, familiar.
I do not know who it is,
Until I see his grin.

His evil aura emanates from him,
His jagged dagger on her neck,
She nods.

I jump,
And land behind him,
Two glints of light pierce through him.

His dagger slowly drops to the ground,
A cold breeze goes by,
He drops to his knees and falls on his side.

She grasps me in her arms,
But I still look at him,
My old friend.

He utters a phrase and dies,
We walk toward the town,
His last words echoing in my mind.

She says that he meant nothing by them,
But I still have to wonder,
If what he said was true.

As a cold shiver runs up my spine,
We enter an old hovel,
And tell her I love her.

I walk back outside,
And whisper his last words,
"You are greater than any I have ever trained.
By killing me here, you have rewarded me more than you can possibly know."

The temperature drops rapidly,
I return inside,
And hug her,
And hope,
That what he meant by that,
Did not mean that it would,
Put her in danger again.

The author's comments:
I wrote this back when I was in the middle of my 6 month long migraine.

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on Jun. 19 2009 at 12:13 pm
BlackRoses SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
You're intoxicated by my very prescence.

wow. I loved it

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