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Everyone’s faced with choices,
But how can we decide when we hear all those voices?
They’re telling me do this, do that, smoke this pot,
Psssh I get that a lot.
What if I say yes, will that make me cool?
Or if I say yes am I just a fool?
With all these voices and all these choices, how do I make a decision?
Please someone unblur my vision!
But no conclusion.
When I’m face with the questions like, “do you want a beer?”
I want to yell “I said no are you deaf? Can’t you hear?”
And for my friend with the baby,
Could you help her just maybe?
Please someone send us a sign,
Let us know we’ll be fine.
When I’m face with these choices,
What I’ll do is plug my ears and forget all those voices.

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TheCheezWiz said...
Jun. 17, 2009 at 12:50 am
this is really good. the message is completely clear, and it would be nice if people listened, i know i did (still do!) it's very well written. i like the ryhme in it, it was done really well. :)
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