My Guardian Angel

June 4, 2009
By danielle cann BRONZE, No. Easton, Massachusetts
danielle cann BRONZE, No. Easton, Massachusetts
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An angelic face with a warm welcoming smile,
She made her life entirely worth its while.
Lived her life one day at a time unlike the rest,
And to do the same is now my quest.

She lived her life to help those in need,
Every day she did at least one good deed.
Such a kindhearted woman with so much love to spare,
Her heart was filled with happiness, love and care.

She is now watching over me,
Oh, so graciously.
Mom, guardian Angel, Friend,
I wish to live my life like her, until the end.

The author's comments:
My inspiration behind writing the poem entitled "My Guardian Angel", was my mom, Elizabeth. She was my inspiration behind this because my mom was not only a mother to me or a "parent figure", but my best friend as well. I told my mom everything, even the things I knew she would get mad at me for. My mom was an inspirational person to everyone she crossed paths with. She was caring, loving, kind hearted, understanding, spiritual, and an all around good person. She lived her days for others. She was always thinking of those in need before herself. She took care of my sisters and me, and did a great job at it. She worked two jobs, seven days a week, and still found the time to drive my sisters and I to wherever we needed to go, take us out to spend family time together, and decorate our church altar every Saturday afternoon for church the next morning, I just want the world to appreciate my mom like I did, along with my sisters. i don't want her to ever be forgotten. The memory of my mom needs to live on.

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