I Am From the Past to the Present

June 4, 2009
By Kenny Crilley BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Kenny Crilley BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I Am From the buiset street in town with lots of cars and many neighbors on the block
I Am playing tag in the backyard to riding my bike around the block many times
From trips to the beach to days at Atlantic City
I Am From watching Spongebob on the weekends to Arthur on the weekdays
From going to bed early to sleeping in late the next day
I Am From long sweatshirts and sweatpants to drinking hot chocolate in the winter
From going to elementary school to high school
I Am From board games to card games
I Am From waking up early on Christmas to see what presents Santa left me underneath the Christmas tree to staying up late on New Year's Eve watching the ball drop
I Am From the big Kindergarten room filled with chairs, tables, and students
I Am sitting at the long blue table with other kids coloring
From entering and exiting Kindergarten to growing up in elementary school
I Am watching Scooby Doo to dressing up as him for Halloween
From going on the slopes to swimming in the pool
I Am from playing on the swings in the backyard to playing at the new jungle gym
I Am From reading "Go Dogs Go" to read long adventurous novels
From late summer nights catching fireflies to lonh school days of learning
I Am From the big spacious backyard with the big pool and tall trees
From having water gun fights in the backyard to swimming contests in the pool
From playing man hunt at night in the summer to fright night in the fall
I Am the late mornings to long afternoons
I Am watching cartoons in the morning to staying up to watch late night television
I Am From Daniel and Cecilia to Kathy
I Am From Patrick and Maureen to Timothy
From my large family
Coming from the past going to the future
I Am from childhood to adolescene

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