June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

i am from batman and superman pajamas
From getting up early, easting breakfast, and going outside to play
I am from a loud and friendly neighborhood
From St. peters hospital
I am from Ireland and germany
from my mother reading stinky face to me.
I am from watching Rocket Power and Rugrats.
From Vinny, making up games to play
I am from Miss Gentilucci`s class, learning how to rite leters each day
From coming home and sitting down at the dinner table,
Eating steak and masjed potatoes with the family.

I am from from Christmas eve parties, giving gifts
From maureen and rich wilson
I am from a bunny i loved to chew on.
From riding go-carts and dirtbikes on 3 acres of land.
I am from a room that is blue, messy, and has posters.
from a chocolate lab. that looks like a little brown bear.
I am from a busy life,
With sports, school, friends and family.

i am fromm the scary shed and house at Vin`s house in the summer.
From falling inot a pool real young and not knowing how to swim.
I am from lab. puppiesn coming to my house to choose hershey.
From the big hill, sledding down it every snowday.
i am from the old brown coffee table that holds food when ever.
From waking up in ther morning to a great mom and evvirment.
I am from going down the shore every summer,
for three weeks at a time in LBI.

i am from playing with my twin brother all the time,
Always had someone to play wih.
From putting my little 5 year old hand in the cement with my dad.
The good memories are here to cherish and love,
But they will come again.

The author's comments:
this is my original work. it does not contain the words of anyone else without proper credit.

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